I’ll Be Damned If I Say it


I’ll Be Damned If I Say It – Bishop Al Cook

My heart’s desire is that this book will interrupt your life and cause you to see just how important and powerful your words are. Beyond positive or negative outcomes, our words ultimately cause life or death. My prayer is that your mentality, word choice, and the everyday things that you say be a declaration of Love, Positivity, Growth and Prosperity.

When you truly understand that the words that come out of your mouth often shape your reality, it allows you to practice being intentional with your words; only speaking what you desire to see in your life.

Life responds to the power of the tongue and mind, just as God created the world. God simply declared and spoke it into existence. We too, have the power to design our lives using the words we speak.


About Bishop Al Cook:
Al Cook is a passionate and loving husband, father, Pastor, Life Coach, Marriage Counselor, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur.

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