Rebirth: The Scars Behind the Mask – Victoria Austin

Rebirth: The Scars Behind The Mask – Victoria Austin

After a series of toxic relationships, a battle with depression and the untimely death of her father, Victoria realized that she could no longer mask the burden of pain, guilt, shame and secret that she carried behind the guise of strength. After refusing to no longer suffer in silence, gaining the courage to ask for help and making the choice to heal so that she experience the freedom that comes along with healing from past hurt, Victoria removed her mask and revealed her true self. She then experienced a rebirth that allowed her to gain a renewed sense of life purpose. This book a tool for anyone who suffers in silence and is ready to experience a new sense of self, someone who no longer wants to be held captive to their past.


About Victoria Austin:
Victoria Austin is a devoted mother, an inspirational speaker and a B.S in social work candidate. Using the lessons from her past, Victoria is passionate about helping others heal from their pain, and to live in their personal truth. She believes that true happiness is on the other side of healing. She hopes to inspire others through transparency, hope and a willingness to pursue happiness no matter what.


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